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Healthy Snack Review: What’s out there?

There are so many snack alternatives on the market designed for people like me who love snacking but somehow found out about all of the nasty, hazardous ingredients some of these companies are putting in the so called food. For example there is an ingredient in a certain peanut butter cup called (if you don’t want to know skip ahead) TBHQ. TBHQ is banned in other countries and has some of the same components as butane aka lighter fluid. While doctors say it is NOT the same as butane but only contains some of its properties, I decided to throw it in the trash mid bite! Even though the FDA says it is not harmful in small doses, do you really want to take the chance? And what is a “small dose”? Do you know how many Halloweens I’ve consumed those bad boys over the years? A lot!

See my recipes page for ways to make them with 100% real ingredients that are actually good for you.

In my quest for healthy ready made snacks I’ve found it to be a little difficult and somewhat intimidating to try new things. Here’s a few snacks I’ve tried and my thoughts on them to give you a bit of courage to try them too.

1. Brad’s Veggie chips

I’ve tried their cheddar and kale flavor and I definitely prefer cheddar while my husband devoured the kale. The cheddar was awesome! Flavorful – I could taste a mild cheese flavor and mix of red bell pepper and spices. You definitely get that nice crunch and it satisfies my relentless desire for crackers!

Everything you want to do with chips or crackers you can do with these guys. It’s amazing! Dip them in guac, hummus, or salsa. The kale was a bit too bitter for me but again, my husband LOVED it. The small bag goes for about $5.99 unless you catch a sale. Brad’s does not bake or fry the chips ensuring and that all nutrients are in tact. It’s a guilt free snack but it’s a small bag so have your honey get their own.

2. Go Raw banana bread flax seed bar. At under $2 this yummy treat is one of my go to snacks. It is semi sweet and has a satisfying texture like chewy dried fruit. I like the mild banana flavor mixed with the flax seeds. Flax is very heart healthy and is an excellent source of fiber. It has protein (peace ✌🏽out pork chops), magnesium, essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and vitamin B.

Flaxseed proteins may be useful against fungal infections, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and inflammation according to a 2014 nutrition report.


3. Forager: Dairy free cashewgurt I REALLY enjoy yogurt but two days later I’m contending with an eczema outbreak. I’m so happy I tried Forager’s brand of yogurt. Strawberry is my favorite. The price is under $2 and is the closest to dairy yogurt I’ve tried and blends well in smoothies instead of that crazy cow’s milk. It has the live cultures and probiotics that are good for the gut and the company is dedicated to using only organic ingredients in their line of goodies.

4. Living Raw Organic Truffles

These chocolate truffles are so decadent and rich! They have the variety to suit any chocolate lover’s cravings. Eat them with strawberries or any other fruit you like. The $5 bag packs BIG flavor with 3 substantial size truffles. When I’m out and about and want a chocolate treat I can find these in Whole Foods and other health food store. Order them online or check out my store. Guys we can enjoy these babies guilt free! It’s made with cacao not to be confused with cocoa. Don’t be fooled by other chocolate products that hide behind reports about the health benefits of cacao and dark chocolate. The nutrients found in cacao are only available in its raw form.

I’ll be posting more snacks and treats either here or on instagram @TiffanyHealthyLiving so be sure to follow.

Leave a comment if you have tried any of these or contact me if you want me to review a delectable treat. I’ll be your guinea pig!