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7 ways to improve your health in 2018

happy new year 2018 of fruit and berries on wooden background.

  1. Start your day off by drinking a tall glass of warm water with lemon or lime. The warm water is better absorbed by your body and helps to hydrate your cells. The lemon will improve your digestion in addition to giving you your first dose of highly active enzymes. Please don’t get cute by adding sugar or and other sweetener. We are not making lemonade, we are giving our body a fresh start. In a few days you’ll get used to the taste and even begin to crave the refreshing taste.


2. Some people wonder, is drinking diet soda bad for you? Well, it’s time to grow up and ditch the soda including diet. By now we all know that drinking soda is one of the fastest way to gain weight. The high fructose corn syrup hits your system and has no choice but to be stored as fat. The high amount of sugar is pouring in so fast and heavy that your pancreas shifts into overdrive to process it and the best way to protect your system from the huge sugar rush is by converting it to fat. If you can’t give up soda yet, don’t expect major results.


Can you believe this?

Once upon a time people drank soda only on special occasions and mostly in the summer months depending on where you lived in the country, but a very popular soda company decided they wanted to make more money so they ran major ad campaigns featuring Santa Clause in order to convince the public to drink it all year round. Smart huh? But I’m smarter and you will be too.


Pay attention!


3. Start paying attention to how much meat, dairy, and animal products you consume in one day and instead make a real effort to have at least one meal that is mostly fruit and or veggies. That means a hearty salad or a variety of fruit. Visit my recipe page for ideas. When I first began to think about what I was eating. My typical breakfast would be backoneggandcheese on a roll, then for lunch I’d have a burger and fries, and for dinner some type of meat with rice or potatoes or another starch, and very few vegetables. If there were vegetables on the plate best believe they were cooked to death. Sound familiar? This way of eating is typical for the average American. If you trade your morning coffee and bagel for 2 oranges and a banana for example, then you’ve already won the morning. Baby steps.


How to stay full…

Ever see a monkey eat just one banana? No. They know how to stay full on a whole foods diet. Monkeys can go town on the whole bunch of the sunny fruit if need be. That’s what we should be doing. One orange won’t fill you up, nor will one banana or one apple. This is real food. We can eat however much we want now!


4. START MAKING SMOOTHIES! You guys, this one right here would be number one if I was listing in order of importance. Making your own smoothies is the number one way to cram in a lot of fruit and a super way to hide your veggies. Instead of eating a huge handful of raw green spinach you can drink it!

And if you’re still eating spinach from a can I just can’t with you.




This is so easy:

There’s nothing easier than tossing ingredients into a blender but you must have a high powered blender in order to get a quality smoothie that can be a meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


5. Start drinking green juice! Buy them or get a juicer! If you already have one, blow the dust off of it and start using it more. Green juice is essential to keeping my eczema and acne at bay. My nutritional needs are met which keeps me from overeating. I think of juicing my greens as a magic trick…Watch me turn this entire stalk of celery, an entire cucumber, 2 apples, and a lemon into one jar of juice!



How to drink your greens:

When juicing, I recommend using a combination of apple, celery, or lemon as our base. Apple goes well with all greens like kale, chard, and broccoli and will sweeten the drink naturally and produce a good amount of juice. Smaller more fragile greens I prefer to add to my smoothies so that nothing goes to waste. Juicing is the life!



6. Exercise! Most people live in their cars. We’ve got to get moving. If you are not acclimated to physical activity please start off slow. When you walk swing your arms because it stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system has been described as the sewer system of the body and it can only carry out the waste through physical activity. Movement pumps the lymph which drains from various nodes throughout the body.


7. This last suggestion is very important for general well being. Be grateful for the life you have today. Don’t wait until you reach your target weight, or some other milestone before you can be happy. Our time is now!