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Friday, June 29, 2018

Yes, Stretch Marks Can Be Prevented!

You heard me correctly. Stop listening to articles written by men about women’s bodies or women who have never had a baby themselves. These articles suggest that there’s nothing that can be done to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. The truth is I have stretch marks from my first pregnancy but NOT on my belly. Why? The answer is the way I meticulously cared for my growing bump. Here are a few things I’m doing to repeat my first success in preventing stretch marks.


No fat shaming but if you’re reading this it’s because you have a certain level of vanity, like me, and you want to do everything in your power to prevent stretching your skin to the limits. You have to understand that you will gain healthy weight which is weight the baby gains to ensure baby is growing well and getting the nutrients baby needs to be a strong, viable newborn. Then there is the unhealthy weight that comes from cakes, cookies, bread, candy, sodas, and late night binges. Stay away from that stuff if you don’t want stretch marks. The combination of your baby growing healthier by the day along with unhealthy pounds from overeating and junk food it a double dose that the skin just can’t handle. Not to mention the fact that sugar breaks down the skin’s elasticity making you eve more susceptible to stretch marks on your tummy.


Collagen is an important beauty protein in the body that makes up our hair, skin, nails, bones, and ligaments. Basically collagen makes you cute, so you need to give your body the building blocks necessary for keeping that collagen pumping. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are a natural source for collagen production. I personally don’t bother with synthetic vitamin C pills. I go straight to the vitamin c source: God’s living, healthy foods like citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, grapefruit and strawberries. (I’m not talking about Tropicana)

Vitamin C super powder

The next best thing to that is Vitamin C Wild Force made up from only wild, organic plants. That’s it! It’s great in my smoothies and really packs in the Vitamin C. This is the best Vitamin C powder I’ve ever used and the only one I buy because the owner of the company, Markus Rothkranz uses it himself! It provides over 100% of your daily vitamin C.


I don’t think you understand how much you need to moisturize to prevent your skin from stretching and turning you into a bengal tiger. You can NEVER let your skin dry out, EVER. You must moisturize several times throughout the day making it your new hobby. Perform this new ritual with a deep penetrating oil, cream or butter because stretch marks emanate from the inner most layer of the skin. Don’t worry, my suggestions are coming up for the most hydrating and collagen boosting products.


The key to maximizing this aspect of your stretch mark prevention is starting EARLY. As soon as you find out you’re pregnant you need to start with the foods, creams, and oils. This way your body has time to build the skin up to its maximum strength. Starting early is key!

If you are pregnant during the winter months you must add this additional step.***** COVER YOUR TUMMY IN A LAYER OF PLASTIC WRAP****** 

Hey, you said you wanted to prevent stretch marks, yes? In that case buy a box of plastic wrap and wear it under your clothes while out in the cold. I removed my wrap after about 30 minutes. Your skin has to breathe. If you have sensitive skin, use your best judgement. I live in New York City and would easily find myself dry and itchy during the winter months, especially after traveling outside during long subway commutes.


I do not look like I had a baby and I carried longer than 40 weeks and it wasn’t because of genetics. Here are some of the great products I used last time around as well as creams I’m trying now to duplicate the same results.

Original Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
That’s right! This was the truth during my first pregnancy and it worked great, smells good and is a trusted brand. Since 2009 Palmer’s has upped their game and created  Palmer’s Tummy Butter which boasts to improve skin elasticity with deep penetration without parabens or mineral oil. Give it a try or leave a comment below if you have experience with this one.

Since my first baby I have gone even more in the natural direction and frequently use this 100% African Shea Butter in my every day life. I use it for my hair, skin, lips, and feet. It’s cheap, natural, and smells so good!

This time around I’m using Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream.

It contains natural oils along with Avocado Peptides. They also have an oil version.

The instructions recommend using once in the day and again at night. That’s not enough!! That’s why it is important to choose a product that is cost-effective because you should be using at least double the dose. I found this product to be light weight and absorbs quickly.


The upkeep doesn’t stop once you have the baby. You must keep up the ritual as stretch marks can also occur when the skin shrinks back into place too. Ahhhhhh! During this time I continued to moisturize and wore a belly bandit like this to keep gravity from taking over and pulling down loose skin. I wore this for about 3 months only removing it to take a shower. Yes I slept in it.

There are many more products on the market but what really makes a difference is consistency of use and what you put into your body for fuel.


Stay hydrated. I won’t go in depth on staying hydrated because as a momma to be you should already be practicing the habit of drinking enough water and getting even more hydration from juicy fruits.

Also, please remember ladies that even if we do get stretch marks like most people over the age of 15, just strut with your adorable newborn baby in tow with your head held high. After all you are an amazing, baby making, miracle mommy.



I can’t believe I’m doing this for the second time and nearly a decade later! My sister and I joke that I’m going back in the jail. C’mon real moms aren’t offended by that comparison, they get it. My son is 9 years old and has just begun making breakfast for himself. He picks out his own clothes for school, entertains himself and most importantly he wipes his own ass!


Tiffany 16 weeks

Nonetheless I’m super excited to be able to have a second helping of motherhood. No matter how many times you’ve given birth, each time is unique and has its own set of challenges. My first birth was natural without any pain relief besides my will to be present during my labor and some hard-core pain management techniques. I will be sharing more on that as I go along. Feel free to comment on your birthing experience or lack of experience below! Also follow me on Instagram @TiffanyFitPregnancy for updates and baby bump entertainment.