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I can’t believe I’m doing this for the second time and nearly a decade later! My sister and I joke that I’m going back in the jail. C’mon real moms aren’t offended by that comparison, they get it. My son is 9 years old and has just begun making breakfast for himself, he picks out his own clothes for school, entertains himself and most importantly he wipes his own ass!


Tiffany 16 weeks

Nonetheless I’m super excited to be able to have a second helpinh of motherhood. No matter how many times you’ve given birth, each time is unique and has its own set of challenges. My first birth was natural without any pain relief besides my will to be present during my labor and some hard core pain management techniques. I will be sharing more on that as I go along. Feel free to comment on your birthing expereince or lack of eperience below! Also follow me on Instagram @TiffanyFitPregnancy for updates and baby bump entertainment.