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But, Oreos Are Vegan!

This statement is exactly why I don’t believe in dietary labels. I don’t like labeling myself in relation to any type of dietary lifestyle, but I understand that people use these labels to seek out information and support for healthier eating habits. I am only interested in living my best life and enjoying the best food this planet has to offer.

Here’s the 411 on dieting labels…

Vegetarians resign themselves to a diet that omits animal flesh, however they have no problem consuming eggs, milk, cheese and at times fish.

Vegans pledge to take things a step further committing themselves to a lifestyle that doesn’t include any animal products at all. Some who label themselves vegan also denounce clothing made from animal flesh like leather, fur, and UGG boots. Vegans however, have no problem devouring all kinds of junk food goodies so long as it’s vegan. No shade!


You wouldn’t believe what dastardly snacks are shielded under the vegan umbrella. While Oreos, potato chips, sugary cereals, Red Bull, crackers, pancakes, Jello, pop tarts, and Bacos bacon bits, may fall under the vegan category they are in no way shape or form healthy nor do they possess nutritional value. Is it a wonder why I had cystic acne, and eczema while living on this stuff? This is why you see people who accept the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle but still have health issues ranging from obesity to cancer.

What is a plant based diet?

Many are choosing to take their health back by embracing what God intended for the human body to consume naturally. Eating a plant based diet means consuming food found in nature. Eating plant based means sticking to fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, whole grains, and legumes. This excludes highly processed boxed foods, refined sugars, and bleached flour (white bread and pasta). Doing this will no doubt improve your nutrition and health but there is one small minor caveat to being, “plant based” and that is that they are totally ok with cooking their food. No judgement!


There is a group of people out there that only consume raw plant based foods on a daily basis. These raw foodies are hard core but we can learn from them. They consume nothing heated over 114 degrees because scientifically all of the nutrients and enzymes found in the food are killed off at high temperatures. Don’t be intimidated. There is a whole world of fresh fruit and veggies out there to combine. There are also a plethora of spices, delicious recipes for raw soups (served hot or warm), raw desserts like cakes, pies, ice cream, chocolate and also dehydrated snacks and sprouted grains to enjoy.

I think we’ll be better off incorporating best practices from each group. Try going vegetarian for a few days and see how you feel, then up the ante by going dairy free. If you’re feeling really ambitious or dealing with a real health issue ditch the processed food and just go plant based. Once you’ve had a taste of that life then go hard or go home with a raw food diet, NOTHING COOKED!

You might be surprised what a wonderful change your body, mind and spirit have undergone in just a weeks or months.

How to Heal Eczema Naturally (and get off the steroid creams)

Everyone’s battle with eczema is different. It can be triggered by a variety of things like diet, stress, weather, or clothing. My biggest triggers were dairy and stress. Through months of research I discovered for the first time that dairy could even be a factor in my eczema troubles. No doctor had ever even mentioned it. I used steroid creams for years only to run back to the doctor for a stronger and stronger prescription because my body had built up a tolerance.

In 2005 I became so fed up with hiding my eczema, and being too embarrassed to be intimate or wear a swimsuit that I turned to the growing internet for answers. Hey, I told you it was 2005! It was then that I found out that our skin is our largest organ and that the breakdown of that organ is a sign of a nutritional deficiency. I brought this information to the attention of my sister who was also beginning a health journey of her own and also suffered from eczema. She gave me a book called “Lick The Sugar Habit” and it changed my life.

This book is key in understanding the root of many health problems in America which is sugar. It was monumental in opening my eyes to how much sugar I consumed in just one day and I was determined to conduct an experiment to avoid all sugar for one day. At that time it was damn near impossible. Having this knowledge made me look closer at nutrition and subsequently my eczema dramatically improved.

I avoided dairy and sugar for weeks! That meant no milk, cheese, bread (has sugar), breakfast cereals, soda, bottled juice and basically everything I was living on. I am proud to say I was so pleased with the results at that time that I never went back on steroid creams. There was no need. I learned what was causing my eczema and thereby learned to control it.

If I’m stressed or cheat on my dietary beliefs the result is a bit of eczema but over the years I’ve gained a few tips to help stamp it out. Below are 3 ways to get rid of eczema caused by a nutritional deficiency.


1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water. I recently discovered this eczema remedy while trying to clear up a bit of acne. I drank the elixir on an empty stomach in the morning and again before bed. The acne was still there (that takes longer to get out of your system) but to my surprise the bit of eczema I had, probably from eating from the Mr. Softee ice cream truck, was healing by the second day! Facts.


A glass of green juice each day really gives my cells what it needs to regenerate and rebuild that broken down skin. The best green juice must be PACKED with greens with minimal fruit. I do Kale, Celery, Cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger. After a few days of this the small patches are no more. I must say that I may be getting quick results because in general I try to keep a clean diet but when I cheat I pay the price. I’m not perfect but I love myself enough to resist most of my temptations. It’s not just about vanity it’s about inner health.

The third way I clean up any eczema in a flash is by adding this awesome green powder to smoothies or even just plain water. Yeah, I’ve gotten to that level. The bitterness no longer effects me.

Markus Rothkrantz created Wild Force Green Formula and it has to be the best green powder on the market! I haven’t gotten the kind of results I’m getting with Wild Force when taking any other green powder. I’m talking tons of energy (not recommended before bed), increased focus and clarity, and not to mention I don’t feel hungry after consuming it because it’s providing an array of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can only be found in wild plants.

I love this stuff and can’t say enough great things about it.

If you want to heal your eczema or a child that you know, first you’ve got to get rid of the bad stuff. Take it back to the basics. You will never see results without sacrifice. If you’re just starting out it could take weeks or even months. It doesn’t matter just put in the work! Fight for want you want. Love yourself and go against how you’ve been trained to think about food.

Great Tasting Mountain Valley Spring Water

I couldn’t believe my tastebuds when I tried Mountain Valley Spring water! It’s like I could feel the minerals infusing my cells.

This is pure, all American Spring water sourced from the Ouachita (Wash-ah-taw) Mountains nestled on 2,000 acres of protected forest according to the company’s website.

My 8 year old son said the taste was great and you know kids are honest. He hadn’t read anything about Mountain Valley Spring Water claiming to be “the best tasting water on earth.” He just truly experienced the delicious difference all on his own.

Mountain Valley Spring water is sold in glass bottles, which is very important because the chemicals in plastic bottles have been said to weaken the thyroid. Can you imagine trying to do something good for your health by drinking bottled water only to be guzzling down toxins from the freaking plastic? I try to keep that to a minimum by carrying a sturdy glass jar with me to fill up on water and by avoiding plastic lids on the tops of paper cups. I stash my personal mug at work for my tea instead.

I’m so glad Mountain Valley Spring Water is one of the few that still use recycled glass for their water. It’s also a huge plus that they offer several home and office delivery options across the country but for now I pick up a bottle or two from Whole Foods when I want a mineral rich water to quench my thirst.

“Foodies, chefs, and the health conscious love the naturally detoxifying high alkalinity, 7.8 pH, and unique blend of rich minerals of The Mountain Valley Spring Water. The fact that it’s naturally ionized, sodium-free, bottled in glass to maintain purity, and was named “Best-Tasting Water in the World” twice doesn’t hurt either.

Healthy Snack Review: What’s out there?

There are so many snack alternatives on the market designed for people like me who love snacking but somehow found out about all of the nasty, hazardous ingredients some of these companies are putting in the so called food. For example there is an ingredient in a certain peanut butter cup called (if you don’t want to know skip ahead) TBHQ. TBHQ is banned in other countries and has some of the same components as butane aka lighter fluid. While doctors say it is NOT the same as butane but only contains some of its properties, I decided to throw it in the trash mid bite! Even though the FDA says it is not harmful in small doses, do you really want to take the chance? And what is a “small dose”? Do you know how many Halloweens I’ve consumed those bad boys over the years? A lot!

See my recipes page for ways to make them with 100% real ingredients that are actually good for you.

In my quest for healthy ready made snacks I’ve found it to be a little difficult and somewhat intimidating to try new things. Here’s a few snacks I’ve tried and my thoughts on them to give you a bit of courage to try them too.

1. Brad’s Veggie chips

I’ve tried their cheddar and kale flavor and I definitely prefer cheddar while my husband devoured the kale. The cheddar was awesome! Flavorful – I could taste a mild cheese flavor and mix of red bell pepper and spices. You definitely get that nice crunch and it satisfies my relentless desire for crackers!

Everything you want to do with chips or crackers you can do with these guys. It’s amazing! Dip them in guac, hummus, or salsa. The kale was a bit too bitter for me but again, my husband LOVED it. The small bag goes for about $5.99 unless you catch a sale. Brad’s does not bake or fry the chips ensuring and that all nutrients are in tact. It’s a guilt free snack but it’s a small bag so have your honey get their own.

2. Go Raw banana bread flax seed bar. At under $2 this yummy treat is one of my go to snacks. It is semi sweet and has a satisfying texture like chewy dried fruit. I like the mild banana flavor mixed with the flax seeds. Flax is very heart healthy and is an excellent source of fiber. It has protein (peace ✌🏽out pork chops), magnesium, essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and vitamin B.

Flaxseed proteins may be useful against fungal infections, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and inflammation according to a 2014 nutrition report.

3. Forager: Dairy free cashewgurt I REALLY enjoy yogurt but two days later I’m contending with an eczema outbreak. I’m so happy I tried Forager’s brand of yogurt. Strawberry is my favorite. The price is under $2 and is the closest to dairy yogurt I’ve tried and blends well in smoothies instead of that crazy cow’s milk. It has the live cultures and probiotics that are good for the gut and the company is dedicated to using only organic ingredients in their line of goodies.

4. Living Raw Organic Truffles

These chocolate truffles are so decadent and rich! They have the variety to suit any chocolate lover’s cravings. Eat them with strawberries or any other fruit you like. The $5 bag packs BIG flavor with 3 substantial size truffles. When I’m out and about and want a chocolate treat I can find these in Whole Foods and other health food store. Order them online or check out my store. Guys we can enjoy these babies guilt free! It’s made with cacao not to be confused with cocoa. Don’t be fooled by other chocolate products that hide behind reports about the health benefits of cacao and dark chocolate. The nutrients found in cacao are only available in its raw form.

I’ll be posting more snacks and treats either here or on instagram @TiffanyHealthyLiving so be sure to follow.

Leave a comment if you have tried any of these or contact me if you want me to review a delectable treat. I’ll be your guinea pig!

7 ways to improve your health in 2018

happy new year 2018 of fruit and berries on wooden background.

  1. Start your day off by drinking a tall glass of warm water with lemon or lime. The warm water is better absorbed by your body and helps to hydrate your cells. The lemon will improve your digestion in addition to giving you your first dose of highly active enzymes. Please don’t get cute by adding sugar or and other sweetener. We are not making lemonade, we are giving our body a fresh start. In a few days you’ll get used to the taste and even begin to crave the refreshing taste.


2. Some people wonder, is drinking diet soda bad for you? Well, it’s time to grow up and ditch the soda including diet. By now we all know that drinking soda is one of the fastest way to gain weight. The high fructose corn syrup hits your system and has no choice but to be stored as fat. The high amount of sugar is pouring in so fast and heavy that your pancreas shifts into overdrive to process it and the best way to protect your system from the huge sugar rush is by converting it to fat. If you can’t give up soda yet, don’t expect major results.


Can you believe this?

Once upon a time people drank soda only on special occasions and mostly in the summer months depending on where you lived in the country, but a very popular soda company decided they wanted to make more money so they ran major ad campaigns featuring Santa Clause in order to convince the public to drink it all year round. Smart huh? But I’m smarter and you will be too.


Pay attention!


3. Start paying attention to how much meat, dairy, and animal products you consume in one day and instead make a real effort to have at least one meal that is mostly fruit and or veggies. That means a hearty salad or a variety of fruit. Visit my recipe page for ideas. When I first began to think about what I was eating. My typical breakfast would be backoneggandcheese on a roll, then for lunch I’d have a burger and fries, and for dinner some type of meat with rice or potatoes or another starch, and very few vegetables. If there were vegetables on the plate best believe they were cooked to death. Sound familiar? This way of eating is typical for the average American. If you trade your morning coffee and bagel for 2 oranges and a banana for example, then you’ve already won the morning. Baby steps.


How to stay full…

Ever see a monkey eat just one banana? No. They know how to stay full on a whole foods diet. Monkeys can go town on the whole bunch of the sunny fruit if need be. That’s what we should be doing. One orange won’t fill you up, nor will one banana or one apple. This is real food. We can eat however much we want now!


4. START MAKING SMOOTHIES! You guys, this one right here would be number one if I was listing in order of importance. Making your own smoothies is the number one way to cram in a lot of fruit and a super way to hide your veggies. Instead of eating a huge handful of raw green spinach you can drink it!

And if you’re still eating spinach from a can I just can’t with you.




This is so easy:

There’s nothing easier than tossing ingredients into a blender but you must have a high powered blender in order to get a quality smoothie that can be a meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


5. Start drinking green juice! Buy them or get a juicer! If you already have one, blow the dust off of it and start using it more. Green juice is essential to keeping my eczema and acne at bay. My nutritional needs are met which keeps me from overeating. I think of juicing my greens as a magic trick…Watch me turn this entire stalk of celery, an entire cucumber, 2 apples, and a lemon into one jar of juice!



How to drink your greens:

When juicing, I recommend using a combination of apple, celery, or lemon as our base. Apple goes well with all greens like kale, chard, and broccoli and will sweeten the drink naturally and produce a good amount of juice. Smaller more fragile greens I prefer to add to my smoothies so that nothing goes to waste. Juicing is the life!



6. Exercise! Most people live in their cars. We’ve got to get moving. If you are not acclimated to physical activity please start off slow. When you walk swing your arms because it stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system has been described as the sewer system of the body and it can only carry out the waste through physical activity. Movement pumps the lymph which drains from various nodes throughout the body.


7. This last suggestion is very important for general well being. Be grateful for the life you have today. Don’t wait until you reach your target weight, or some other milestone before you can be happy. Our time is now!