But, Oreos Are Vegan!

This statement is exactly why I don’t believe in dietary labels. I don’t like labeling myself in relation to any type of dietary lifestyle, but I understand that people use these labels to seek out information and support for healthier eating habits. I am only interested in living my best life and enjoying the best food this planet has to offer.

Here’s the 411 on dieting labels…

Vegetarians resign themselves to a diet that omits animal flesh, however they have no problem consuming eggs, milk, cheese and at times fish.

Vegans pledge to take things a step further committing themselves to a lifestyle that doesn’t include any animal products at all. Some who label themselves vegan also denounce clothing made from animal flesh like leather, fur, and UGG boots. Vegans however, have no problem devouring all kinds of junk food goodies so long as it’s vegan. No shade!


You wouldn’t believe what dastardly snacks are shielded under the vegan umbrella. While Oreos, potato chips, sugary cereals, Red Bull, crackers, pancakes, Jello, pop tarts, and Bacos bacon bits, may fall under the vegan category they are in no way shape or form healthy nor do they possess nutritional value. Is it a wonder why I had cystic acne, and eczema while living on this stuff? This is why you see people who accept the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle but still have health issues ranging from obesity to cancer.

What is a plant based diet?

Many are choosing to take their health back by embracing what God intended for the human body to consume naturally. Eating a plant based diet means consuming food found in nature. Eating plant based means sticking to fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, whole grains, and legumes. This excludes highly processed boxed foods, refined sugars, and bleached flour (white bread and pasta). Doing this will no doubt improve your nutrition and health but there is one small minor caveat to being, “plant based” and that is that they are totally ok with cooking their food. No judgement!


There is a group of people out there that only consume raw plant based foods on a daily basis. These raw foodies are hard core but we can learn from them. They consume nothing heated over 114 degrees because scientifically all of the nutrients and enzymes found in the food are killed off at high temperatures. Don’t be intimidated. There is a whole world of fresh fruit and veggies out there to combine. There are also a plethora of spices, delicious recipes for raw soups (served hot or warm), raw desserts like cakes, pies, ice cream, chocolate and also dehydrated snacks and sprouted grains to enjoy.

I think we’ll be better off incorporating best practices from each group. Try going vegetarian for a few days and see how you feel, then up the ante by going dairy free. If you’re feeling really ambitious or dealing with a real health issue ditch the processed food and just go plant based. Once you’ve had a taste of that life then go hard or go home with a raw food diet, NOTHING COOKED!

You might be surprised what a wonderful change your body, mind and spirit have undergone in just a weeks or months.

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