Great Tasting Mountain Valley Spring Water

I couldn’t believe my tastebuds when I tried Mountain Valley Spring water! It’s like I could feel the minerals infusing my cells.

This is pure, all American Spring water sourced from the Ouachita (Wash-ah-taw) Mountains nestled on 2,000 acres of protected forest according to the company’s website.

My 8 year old son said the taste was great and you know kids are honest. He hadn’t read anything about Mountain Valley Spring Water claiming to be “the best tasting water on earth.” He just truly experienced the delicious difference all on his own.

Mountain Valley Spring water is sold in glass bottles, which is very important because the chemicals in plastic bottles have been said to weaken the thyroid. Can you imagine trying to do something good for your health by drinking bottled water only to be guzzling down toxins from the freaking plastic? I try to keep that to a minimum by carrying a sturdy glass jar with me to fill up on water and by avoiding plastic lids on the tops of paper cups. I stash my personal mug at work for my tea instead.

I’m so glad Mountain Valley Spring Water is one of the few that still use recycled glass for their water. It’s also a huge plus that they offer several home and office delivery options across the country but for now I pick up a bottle or two from Whole Foods when I want a mineral rich water to quench my thirst.

“Foodies, chefs, and the health conscious love the naturally detoxifying high alkalinity, 7.8 pH, and unique blend of rich minerals of The Mountain Valley Spring Water. The fact that it’s naturally ionized, sodium-free, bottled in glass to maintain purity, and was named “Best-Tasting Water in the World” twice doesn’t hurt either.

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