Live Food Live Body…


means keeping your body at optimal function by eating a balanced diet of natural whole foods. Eating food that is alive will give your body exactly what it needs to shed the extra pounds, clear up random health issues, and brighten your mood. Incorporate some physical activity and the pounds will melt off of you!


Why does this matter?

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do Nutri Jenny Watchers never seems to work? That’s probably because they aim to convince you that you can continue to eat ALL of the same foods and still lose weight. They offer many of the same junk foods that keep us fat and sick but  in smaller portions. They offer crap like mini bagels, tiny lasagnas, a dab of cheesecake, bite size chocolate bars, and smaller portions of pasta. The problem is you cannot cheat nature. Your body was designed to process certain things and whatever it can’t process is stored as fat. Many have boasted losing a little bit of weight with these programs, but before long they plateau or just gain it all back. One word…Oprah! This is because you are NOT eating real food!


What is real food?

Real food has life! Real food has natural color, nutritional value and most importantly enzymes. Enzymes are essential for every chemical reaction in the body and for the proper function of cells, tissues, fluids, and organs. YOU CANNOT CHEAT NATURE! Many of us are like the walking dead…fueling our bodies with what I call “fake food.” Our bodies use these inferior materials to create new cells but those cells become abnormal and do not function properly. Overtime people are seeing a decline in their health. I did. Just read “My story” in the side bar. We must choose to accept real foods like a variety of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs in their natural form. This must be our primary source of fuel, preferable eaten at the peak of freshness or ripeness, otherwise our health will pay the price.


Here’s the deal:

It is not real food if…

  • It is sold in a box or can
  • It can sit on a shelf for months to years on end without spoiling or fermenting? (yes there are some rancid nuts and seeds out there sitting on shelves)
  • It was created in a factory
  • It has a label with a list of ambiguous ingredients you cannot pronounce or have to google.

This describes fake foods like pasta, crackers, cake, donuts, all canned goods, pizza, soda, donuts, pancakes, dairy products, lunch meats, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, most bottled or boxed juice, some packaged snacks, and so on.


Do this instead…

Look for real food that still has life and is found in nature. Ask yourself…

  • Was this food created by God?
  • Does it come with its own package like a skin or peel?
  • Does it have seeds that reproduce if you put it in the ground?
  • Can I eat it without turning on the stove?
  • Will it give me life or take it away?

If the answers to these questions are yes chances are you’ve found real food that your body understands and can use to heal and regenerate. Go for color! Try fresh fruit and Fresh vegetables. Put them in a salad or smoothie. Frozen is WAY better than canned. Pushing yourself to eat more real food leaves little room for the crap and before long you’ve changed your taste buds, your body, and your mood.


Don’t want to be vegan?

Then don’t! I don’t believe in labels and this is not a vegan or vegetarian blog. is simply a fun place to be encouraged by the other users, and to share experiences with rejecting the Standard American Diet (SAD). Just sad.



Think about what we see, what our kids see in all of the ads for food. All the American people are shown is meat, cheese, and bread. I have personally gone days and weeks without this trio and it’s amazing how much lighter you feel without all of that weighing you down. If you are after more energy then challenge yourself to stay away from the triple threat for just a day or two. It’s hard as hell at first but this site has some inspiration and recipes to get you through it. Use me!

You deserve better. Love yourself today with living foods. Let’s start changing the way we think about food together!

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